How Will I Know My Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Has Been To My Home?

We understand that you may worry about whether your sitter may or may not have visited your home. After each pet sitting visit, we send out a survey to our clients and the results come back with the same comments, our clients love receiving our visit notes.

In order to provide you with peace of mind, we have put steps in place to avoid a missed visit.  A few years ago, we implemented an online scheduling program which tracks your sitters whereabouts and time of check in and check out. Our office monitors the day’s activities ensuring that everything is moving along smoothly. If for whatever reason a delay occurs, another sitter will be assigned to step in and help out.

For our vacation visits, a report is sent to you after each visit which includes a checklist of items completed, a photo of your pet, and a brief note of how the visit went.

If you are one of our regular Dog Walking clients, we provide you with a journal which includes handwritten notes about your visit. This journal is yours for the keeping and you may even write notes to us with any questions or changes. We also like to brighten your work day by periodically sending you photos of your pet having fun.

We make every attempt possible to ease your mind so you can rest assured that your pet is being well cared for.