Pet Sitting: Drop-In Visits vs. Overnight Visits

Your vacation plans are made and you are looking forward to the family reunion or spending time relaxing in paradise. But wait! What about your furred and feathered family members? What are you planning to do with your loving pets while you’re away?

Well, here at Totally Tails Pet Care Services we offer in-your-home pet sitting services with customized plans to fit your needs. You may choose from our drop-in visits or our overnight care packages. You can select a specific service for the entire time you are away or you can mix and match different services together. It’s your choice!

Drop-In Visits

Drop-in pet sitting visits are great when you need pet care and have to be away but don’t necessarily need someone to stay overnight. Many cat parents find this to be a popular option. Depending on your pets needs, you can schedule between 1-3 visits per day and in visit lengths of 15 minute increments. For example, you may schedule a 30 minute visit one day and 45 minutes the next. Or, maybe you prefer drop-in visits for two to three days and then opt for an overnight visit. The choice is yours. During our visits we will care for your pets, provide meals, treats, fresh water, walks, playtime, administer medication, if needed, clean or tidy up pet areas, collect mail and newspapers, water plants, alternate lights and blinds, take out the waste can to the curb, and give all the love, belly rubs and scratches that your pet needs – we personalize every visit for you and your pet.


The 11 Hour Overnight Stay

This is our standard service and the one that adheres most closely to the name “overnight”. What happens on a standard overnight? The sitter arrives sometime before 8pm, after her daily visits and walks are completed. If possible, she may arrive earlier, but she won’t be late. When the sitter arrives, she’ll check in with the office and send you an email, accompanied by a picture of your adorable pet. She will give your pet a potty break or go for a walk, feed dinner, offer treats, and refresh your pets water. If plants need to be watered, lights changed, or mail picked up, the sitter will do that too. Then it’s nothing but cuddle time until bedtime!

Our sitters usually have regular pet visits during the day, including early morning. If this is the case, she’ll bid your pet goodbye after completing your pets morning routine and be out the door by 7am.

If you have a dog and are gone longer than a single day, we recommend scheduling an extra walk or visit during the daytime so your pet doesn’t get bored. The 11-hour literal “overnight” is the best option for pets who are most relaxed at home and don’t require a lot of attention during the day.

The 24 Hour Overnight Stay

This is our deluxe version of an overnight. The gold standard! If you request this service, your sitter will not only be at your pet’s side throughout the night, but all day, as well. She’ll move in and do everything that’s included in the regular overnight and drop in visits. So the real difference here is time. Your sitter will forgo other pet visits and devote herself exclusively to your pet(s). If she must leave for any reason, it will be for no more than a few hours at a time to take care of personal items or to run errands. Usually less, as no one wants to spend hours in a grocery store.

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, is destructive when left alone, or you just want him to be particularly pampered, then this is the option for you!

Regardless of which option you choose, our sitters take their work seriously! The “work” of snuggling pets is as serious as it is fun. We will check in as often as you like and send photos to put your mind at ease. Instead of worrying about how your pet is faring at a boarding facility, you’ll know exactly how he’s doing in the comforts of his own home.

So whether you’re going on vacation to visit your great Aunt Millicent or heading off to paradise, choose your pet’s preferred pet sitting service. Then head off into the sunset and enjoy your vacation stress free!