Cat Owning 101: What All New Cat Owners Should Know

Cats are curious and caring companions. If you’re new to cat ownership then you’re in luck. Even though cats tend to get a bad wrap for being moody and aloof, they can quickly turn into your best friend. For the most part, they are incredibly loving, sweet natured and love to cuddle. It may take a little time for them to warm up to a new home and friend, but when it happens it’s pure joy.

Bringing home your new cat

Whether you’re bringing home a kitten or an older cat, the timing is important. You want to make sure that you have a day or two off to spend with them. This will help them not only get used to their new home but to you as well. Don’t expect them to cling to you the entire time since cats are independent by nature. But having you there helps them feel more secure.

Introduce them to the litterbox

One of the best things about cats is that they can be easily be litter trained. Most cats like covered boxes with more privacy and clumping litter makes it easier to clean up after them. If you’ve adopted an older cat, they may actually already know how to use it. Show them the clean box and let them explore. Sometimes they go right away.

If you see your kitten spinning, fidgeting, or meowing they may need to go potty. Scoop them up and run them over to the litter and place them inside. They may or may not go, but it’s getting the idea across to them. Do the same after an accident. Don’t scold them, just show them the litter each time. If they seem to go in the same place every time, move the litter box there for the time being. Once they start using the box regularly slowly move it to the place you want to keep it.

Set up an area just for them

Get them a little kitty bed or a soft blanket and some toys that they can call their own. Cats of all ages love to play. Toy mice stuffed with catnip, “fishing” toys with feathers and strings, even an empty boxes or toilet paper roll can be entertaining for your new cat. Plus, you bond with your new feline friend as you play with them. Also, it’s a great idea to invest in a scratching post or pad. This will save your sofa and chairs from your cat’s claws.

Don’t worry if they ignore this area at first to run and hide. Leaving their litter or the kennel is stressful. A lot of times they are used to being in small cages and having a whole home to their disposal can be somewhat frightening. As they get more comfortable and relaxed they will start to explore.

Make an appointment with a Vet

Also, make sure to set up an appointment with your vet for a regular check-up and to get them on a shot schedule. Your vet can walk you through options for flea and heartworm prevention, best foods, and other advice on keeping your new friend healthy.

Cat companions can truly be some of the most loving pets you’ll ever have. Nothing beats a purring kitty sitting in your lap as you relax from a long day. Have you recently gotten a new kitty friend? We’d love to hear all about them in the comments!