Why Should I Hire a Dog Walker? Dog Walking in Camano Island, Stanwood, Marysville, and Arlington, WA

You’ve arrived home after a long day at work, commute, and picking up groceries for dinner. You walk in, kick your shoes off, and hope to sit down and relax for a few when you see your dog, who has been home all day alone, running happily towards you. His tail is wagging and he’s giving you kisses galore. You instantly know what he wants as you put your shoes back on and head out for a dog walk.

Or, perhaps you are recovering from surgery or a broken bone. Maybe you are unable to walk your dog due to a disability. Do you long to go out with family or friends to have a good time without worrying about rushing home to let the dog out? Do you have an elderly dog who can no longer hold it all day? Need help potty training a new puppy?

Life can be extremely busy now-a-days and if you are struggling in finding time to walk your dog, you may want to consider hiring a professional pet sitter to step in and provide countless benefits for both you and your pet. Read on for a snapshot of some of those reasons!

Walks improve your dog’s health and behavior.

A dog needs daily exercise to live a longer, healthier and happier life, just like humans. A daily walk provides stimulation of a dog’s body and senses. It’s a chance for them to explore their surroundings – smelling, seeing, feeling, and hearing all types of interesting things which help to improve your dog’s quality of life. Regular exercise helps to release excess energy built up in your dog which results in a calmer behavior at home. Being left alone all day with nothing to do creates boredom and undesirable behaviors such as chewing, barking, hyperactivity, or bathroom accidents.

Not long ago, I had a meeting with a pet owner who wanted us to stop by and let her dog out while she was at work. She clearly had a deep love and bond with her dog but her dog was also extremely overweight. After I explained our services and benefits, her response left me stunned momentarily, “No, no, no, I don’t want my dog to be stimulated!”

An essential part of owning a dog is caring for your pet which also means providing regular and consistent exercise. It helps to decrease your dog’s loneliness and boredom by breaking up his or her day. Sedentary dogs are also more likely to become overweight and cause host to other health problems from hip and joint issues to heart disease, constipation, digestive issues, respiratory issues, cancer, and decreased quality and length of life.

Adult dogs should have a break every 6-8 hours. Puppies and senior dogs should be let out even more frequently, every 2-4 hours to be safe. Often an owner will think their dog can hold it for longer periods of time but bear in mind you can put your dog at a greater risk for urinary tract, kidney or bladder infections.

A professional dog walker can help save you time.

It you are finding you don’t have the time or energy to walk your dog, consider having a professional dog walker stop by your home to take your dog out for a neighborhood walk, a backyard potty break with playtime, or an adventure trail hike. Upon returning, water is refreshed, an owner approved treat is given along with lots of love and cuddles. An active dog is happier and well-adjusted. Now when you return home after a long day away, your dog greets you with excitement but is much more relaxed. And, instead of having to take your dog out for a walk, you are able to kick off those shoes, hop onto the couch, put your feet up, and enjoy some serious snuggle time with your best friend.

Totally Tails Pet Care Services offers discounts on recurring dog walking, midday potty breaks and adventure trail hikes. We treat your dog like family no matter what type of service you choose. Once you establish a regular exercise program for your dog, we guarantee your dog will look forward to his or her walks and at the end of the day, you’ll notice a happier, healthier, and more-rounded pet.

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