Cat Visits: Will You Visit My Cat Every Other Day?

At Totally Tails Pet Care Services we require every day visits for cats. People are often surprised to hear that when they inquire about us doing every other day or every third day visits. Many will agree that cats are independent, they will be fine left alone for a few days, leave out a big bowl of food and water, and the litter box doesn’t need sifting. But cats need supervision and rely on their owners for love, affection and knowing the signs when they are not feeling well. Even the shyest kitty likes to know they have fresh food, water, a clean box, and a sense of security to keep them stress free.

As a Professional Pet Sitter, we require a minimum of once a day 30 minute visits for our cat clients. We do not offer every other day or every third day visits. While we understand it may be easier on the wallet, there are several reasons why we won’t.

Your Cat Could Become Trapped.

On more than one occasion when visiting a cat, we have discovered a cat being trapped – inside a bathroom, inside a closet, in the basement, behind the washing machine. On one occasion the pet owner wanted to close off access to their master bedroom. They were in a hurry to leave for their vacation. With all the scurry in the home, their cat was a bit nervous and hid behind their free standing tub. When the owners left, they accidentally locked the cat in the bedroom. Our visits began the following day and when we arrived and noticed she was missing, we began our search. Needless to say, kitty was very glad we found her. On another occasion, the cat was hiding in the closet from the cleaning crew. When they finished their job they didn’t realize they had closed the closet door trapping the cat inside. We searched high and low and found him in the back of the closet, scared but safe. Our goal is to ensure your cat is safe and healthy and that is the reason we put eyes on cats daily.

Your Cat May Overeat or Undereat.

An automatic food dispenser may seem like the answer, but for some cats, having a never ending source of food leads to overeating and vomiting. Most often we find that when the food is eaten from the bowl, the food never seem to replenish itself. We have also run across some automatic dispensers that operate on timers. You put the food in a tray and the tray rotates throughout the day. They open to expose the food and close after 10 minutes. Pretty cool idea, right? But what if your cat is not ready and waiting at that particular time? They end up missing meal time.

Your Cat May Get Sick.

While no one expects their cat to get sick, it happens more than you care to think. When you have a regular professional pet sitter visit your home, they learn your cats personalities and just like you, know when they may not be feeling well. We keep an eye on their food and water intake along with their litter box activity. If we notice there is no urine, it could be an indication of a serious health problem and needs to see a vet immediately. If we notice blood in the stool, a call to the vet is in order. If we notice urine is larger than normal we would recommend a checkup with your vet. A professional pet sitter can recognize these signs and ensure your cat receives the attention it needs.

Your Cat May Run Out of Water.

Wouldn’t you agree, cats are crafty and curious? Trust me, even the sturdiest of water bowls can be tipped over and that would leave your cat with no water source.

Power Outages Occur.

We live in the Northwest! Not only do we keep the safety of your pet as our main focus but we also care for your home. We check home temperatures, ensure refrigerators are working, check for water leaks, and do a visual check for home security and frozen pipes. We also offer watering of gardens during summer months.

When you consider the potential risks that could happen, leaving you cat alone for more than a day just doesn’t make any sense.

Totally Tails Pet Care Services’ daily cat visits provides your cat with the care, love and attention he or she craves while you are away.

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