Cat Visits: What Happens During A Cat Sitting Visit?

You’re sitting at the airport waiting to board your flight, looking forward to a much needed vacation in paradise. You find yourself mentally running through your checklist, double checking that you haven’t forgotten anything. You’ve scheduled your pet sitter to stop by to care for kitty and you suddenly catch yourself whispering under your breath, “I hope he will be okay while I’m gone.” And then you begin to wonder…”What really does happen during a cat sitting visit when I’m away?” Well, here at Totally Tails Pet Care Services we’d like to give you a peek into what goes on during our visits.

First, when your sitter arrives, your cat may come to the door, generally excited to see us, rubbing up against our legs and talking away. “Where have you been, I’ve missed you!” Some times we need to search for your cat – under beds, in closets, behind couches, up on a shelf. We happily greet your pet and make certain all is well with them. We head off towards their food dishes to feed, refresh water, give medication (if needed), and offer treats.

Next is litter duty where we’ll sift the litter, top off if needed and sweep up around the box. Most often your cat is following us around, supervising our duties to their liking and telling us if we didn’t get it right. Along the way, we chat about their day, the weather, we sing, and even tell jokes. Some cats are tough to crack though as they have a sophisticated sense of humor. We also do a quick walk through of your home keeping an eye out for the occasional pet mess and then, of course see that it’s cleaned up.

Then it’s time to get down! On the floor that is…for playtime, snuggles, brushing, or story time. Some kitties prefer a game of laser or string chase, some like a treat treasure hunt, a game of hide and seek, or gentle brushing. Others prefer cheek, belly rubs or head bumbs and some just want us to sit with them and snuggle. For kitties that aren’t too keen on cuddles, we will sit nearby and read a story aloud to them in a soft voice. We like to let kitty tell us what he or she is in the mood for that day.


Lastly, our phones are kept close to us during your visit, waiting to capture those precious moments so we can send you a purr-fect photo and a detailed report of how our visit went.

I hope this gives you a little insight on what we do on our cat visits. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind in knowing your cat is safe, happy, loved, and having fun.

If you need to book cat sitting visits, please give us a call at 360-348-6561.









  1. Alyeen

    My kitties loved Michele and their other kitty sitters. Never had to worry about them,because I knew they were will taken care for and loved. Even my Mister who didn’t like new people love Michele the first time he met her.

    • Michele

      Thank you Alyeen for the kind words! Please give those furry babies a big hug and snuggle from us <3