Now that January is over, you may be thinking about giving up your New Year’s resolution to lose those last few unwanted pounds. Don’t go giving up just yet!

It’s not just you who’s fighting to get fit… there’s a good chance your furry pal may be a bit too fluffy and this could be motive enough to stay the course! According to estimates, almost 60% of dogs and cats in the US are overweight, and just like people, animals can face health issues too.

Extra “junk in the trunk” affects our pets the same way it does us: trouble breathing, high blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, and even cancer…Rut-Ro!

Here’s what you can do to stay motivated and get your fur-kid in tip-top shape:

Hit the road. Even just a short walk every morning or evening can add up. Make it more fun by trying new routes or even just walking on the other side of the street. You never know what – or who – you two will discover while you’re out exploring.

Get more play into their day. Playing Frisbee fetch, having a wrestling match, doing “zoomies” in big circles in your yard… it’s so fun to watch them get all revved up! Aim for at least half an hour a day, but remember you can break that into shorter playtimes.

Head for the hills. The next time you take a hike, take them with you! They’re great company, and it’s super-fun for them to explore new environments. All those new smells and sights will get their tails wagging – and they can sniff the trail home if you accidentally go off-path!

If you need help in choosing a trail, check out our Pet Parent Guides to Stanwood & Camano and Arlington. Be sure to share these with other pet lover’s too!

Not sure if your pet is overweight? Contact your vet and make an appointment to go in to see if your pet is in tip-top health! They are there to help you and make sure you have a long and happy life with your BFF (best furry friend).

If you don’t have time to add in a daily walk or play time in their schedule, give us a call at 360-348-6561. We just happen to have a few spots open in our Dog Walking program or our Adventure Trail Hike. We’ll help get your favorite friend on the path to good health!

Woofs and Meows!