6 Ways to Entertain Your Parrot

As a result of bird ownership and bird-sitting, we’ve become acquainted with several ways to not only keep your bird satisfied, but also to provide a fun and supportive place for parrots. If your parrot rules the roost, here are some top tips to help keep your feathered friends entertained.

1. Keep their cage in a heavily trafficked area of the house. Birds love to be social. Perhaps there are some naturally introverted parrots out there but for the most part, birds want to be in the loop…all the time. So if you place their cage in the den with the intention of taking them out for a couple hours each day – just know that it is not enough. Place their cage where they can keep track of their humans’ activities and keep them happy.

2. Speaking of social, you might want to consider getting a companion for your bird. We know of someone who has an African Grey and a Macaw that regularly gossip together. Birds love being birds with other birds! So if you want different species, do your research on which ones get along well together. Generally, larger birds have longer lifespans than their littler counterparts. So get matching sizes to ensure long friendships.

3. Freedom. It’s not enough to have your feathered busybody simply witness the day’s activities. They want to be a part of it as well! This is also important for bonding. All you really have to do to keep them happy is lie on the couch and watch a couple episodes of your favorite reality show with a cooing cockatoo pruning your scalp.

4. Entertainment as background noise. Like Roman emperors, birds want to be entertained. If your house is absent of amusing humans, leave the radio or television on to help keep them company. This will also discourage your parrot from screaming at the neighbors.

5. Rotate their toys. The thrift store is a great place to find cheap baby toys. Birds want their cages decorated, and they want access to brightly colored plastic rings. But even plastic rings can get boring. If it doesn’t upset her, move your birds toys around to freshen his or her interest in their surroundings.

6. Teach new tricks with treats. If you are between seasons of your favorite show and excessive scalp pruning makes you nervous, you might try training your parrot. Beware, they are smart and may only work for rewards. With some, that may only include a bit of attention but treats are always a good shortcut. Teach your bird to say something cute when your spouse comes home, or dance to your favorite song.

Birds are a lifetime investment and their shining personalities and unending bag of surprises make them worth every penny. We’d love to meet yours!




  1. Daphne Hinds

    I buy all my Parrot toys at thrift stores/yard sales. I spend very little money this way and we have tons of fun stuff everywhere! I switch toys during every cage cleaning easily & we never run out of exciting new things! I buy colorful battery operated baby toy I think will amuse them like tons of cool foot toys, stuffed animals, baby musical mobiles, etc. I always look them over very well for anything unsafe, bring them home to sanitize and store until later. I have more fun than the birds. ???? I can’t believe more of us aren’t doing this. Try buying one or two things & next time you buy 20. Hope this helps someone.

    • Michele

      Great tips Daphne, thank you for sharing!