Can More Than One Cat Use The Same Litter Box?

How Many Litter Boxes Should I Have?

Is one litter box for multiple cats enough? Generally not, many cats will not share a box with another cat. The rule of thumb is that you need 1.5 litter boxes per cat. Meaning, if you have 2 cats you would need 3 litter boxes for them especially if they are indoor only. However, some cats don’t mind sharing and if they eliminate outside regularly then having only 2 litter boxes for your 2 cats could work for them.

But why do only two cats need almost three litter boxes? That’s because cats are notoriously territorial. And like humans, they like to “go” in places that they feel safe, clean and somewhere that is there own. After all, would you want to go in a dirty bathroom after your siblings day in and day out?

How to solve litter box issues:

  • Observe your cats closely, and if you notice a cat avoiding the box, a cat becoming dominant over the box, or that their litter is getting dirty faster than you can keep it clean, you may need to add more litter boxes.
  • Clean a litter box more often if you have more than one cat using it.
  • Use high quality clumping litter that keeps the boxes clean even after you’ve scooped it for a while – this becomes especially important when two cats are using the same box.
  • Use enough litter in each box (maintain 2-3 inches in height). We suggest keeping a bag of litter by each box and adding a bit after each time you scoop the box.
  • Don’t try to counteract an overused and stinky litter box by using litter with a chemical fragrance, or by using additives. That will only mask the smell for you, and not take care of the situation for your cats. If a litter box is smelling and you are using high quality litter, one of the following things will help instead: Clean the boxes more often, maintain at least 2-3 inches of litter height in the box, or add another litter box to the mix.

If you are reluctant to add another litter box, just remember, adding a litter box isn’t necessarily much more work for you. You’ll still be scooping the same amount, and each box will be less soiled, making the task that much easier. You’ll need more litter initially, but you’ll need it less often.

We want our cats to be happy and comfortable in our homes. That includes their litter box, one of the most sensitive and vulnerable places for most animals. It’s important for our cats to have a place of their own when it comes to where to “go.”

Do you have several cats? How many litter boxes do you have?