Why Your Arlington, Camano Island, Marysville & Stanwood Pet Sitter Requires 2 Sets of Keys

Before signing on a new client we often are asked why do you need two sets of working house keys? It allows us to be prepared for the unexpected, with the best interest of your pet as our top concern. The first copy of your key is given to your sitter and the second key is a backup in case of an emergency. We’ve listed some examples below of why we require two keys. Know that no matter what, your pet will be cared for while you are away. While unusual, there are circumstances that can happen and we want to be prepared in advance:

  • Your primary sitter has a family emergency and needs to get on an airplane to be with family.
  • The sitter is involved in a car accident and can’t make it on time.
  • The sitter has come down with the flu and can’t make it in no matter how hard they try to move.
  • We let your dog out quickly to avoid a potty accident and the wind blows the locked door shut before we could unlock it.
  • The key is lost (not that we are in the habit of losing keys) or damaged, the keyless entry code won’t work, or the power goes out and the garage door won’t open.
  • You are locked out of your home and call us to request a key drop off service.

So, to keep things running efficiently and stress free for both our clients and their fur babies, we decided two keys are best. If this is an issue, we have lock boxes for purchase which can be used to store keys securely at your home. So there you have it…having a backup plan is always important! In addition,

  • If you have a sticky lock, your pet sitter would appreciate you using WD-40 or graphite lock lubricant as a solution.
  • And, for your peace of mind, keys are individually labeled with a number and a pet name. No client identifying information is included and keys are kept in a secured lock box.

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