Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you ever noticed your dog chomping on the yard salad?

Eating grass, that is! If you have, you have probably wondered, “Well, why does my dog eat grass? And is it even good for them?” Well, the other day one of our clients asked us the same question so we decided to do some research and now we have some answers for you.

Why does your dog eat grass:

First off, you may be thinking that they are eating grass to get nutrients. Almost, like the way we do when we eat a salad. However, there are actually a few different reasons that may have them eating grass. In most cases, it’s not a huge deal, and is just part of a dog’s life.

They have a stomach ache

A lot of times they are eating it try to settle their stomach. That’s why you often see grass in their vomit. However, the grass is not necessarily what is causing a dog’s upset stomach.

Some experts have found that less than 10% of dogs who eat grass appear to be sick. And more than that, less than 25% vomit as a result of eating grass. If there’s a large amount of vomit or gas or other gastrointestinal symptoms, seek the advice of your veterinarian. They may be eating it because it helps soothe their stomach in ways that we’re not sure of; that’s why is safest to check with your vet if your pet is vomiting a lot.

They may have Pica

This is a condition that causes people and animals to crave items that usually aren’t thought of as food. Commonly, the items they seek out contain minerals and nutrients that they are deficient in. That’s why some dogs will eat soil and other strange things as well.

Have your veterinarian check for deficiencies. Pica is also considered to be sometimes caused by boredom. While most vets consider it normal dog behavior, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get them checked out.

They are checking out their turf

It is believed that dogs may eat grass as a way of checking out where other animals have been in their yard. They explore the grass that has been marked to sniff and taste it to get an idea of what has happened in their territory when they weren’t around.

They simply like the taste

Sometimes dogs just want something to chew on. When grass is covered in dew, it can seem like a crisp early-morning treat for a dog. And just as we enjoy a good salad, maybe dogs actually crave the taste of grass.

So there you have it! Why do you think your dog eats grass? Comment below:




  1. Kairi Gainsborough

    My greyhound eats grass practically everytime I take him outside, and it always makes him sick. I’m surprised to hear that eating grass only induces vomiting in 25% of dogs because my dog always gets sick. I will take your advice and take my greyhound to a vet to find out the cause of this. It seems counterintuitive that he would keep eating grass simply because he likes it if it makes him sick every time.

    • Michele

      Hi Kairi,
      I agree! Having a conversation with your vet should be in order to discuss what may be the cause. There could be an underlying reason. Keep us posted!


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