3 Awesome Dog Parks in Marysville WA

How well do you know Marysville through your dog’s eyes? Like any city, there are plenty of recreational activities for humans to enjoy, but what about your pup’s entertainment? The perimeters of the front and back yards have been thoroughly checked, the stretch of sidewalk outdoor your home has become too familiar, and there’s only so many figure-eights down the hallway your dog can do. What’s next?

Look no further! Here are three awesome dog parks right here in Marysville that you can enjoy with your dog.

Strawberry Fields For Rover Off Leash Park. If you know where the Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex is, then you’re in the right place! At precisely 6100 152nd St NE, there are three whole acres dedicated to dogs. It’s free, open from 8am – 11pm, and entirely fenced. It even has a separate, fenced area for littler dogs, too! It’s not just an open field, either. There are trees, picnic benches, and a drinking fountain. This is the Bronze of dog havens. Bring some tennis balls, take your Dachsund alongside your Great Dane, sit down at a bench and enjoy the fact that your dog will later be peacefully sleeping the evening away.

Doleshel Park. If your dog is older, less sociable, or small enough to aggressively dig his way into the big boys’ playpen, then Doleshel Park might be a better fit. Located at 9028 67th Ave NE, this is a former Christmas Tree farm. There’s a lovely wooden bridge that crosses over a creek and into a nice array of trees. Your old dog will appreciate the slower pace. It’s a great place to bring young children, too. Make it a full family outing. Opening times are long, between 6am-10pm.

Jennings Memorial Park. This is another great place to take the family. It comes equipped with game fields, play equipment, and nature trails. Open from 7am – 9pm, you can turn your Saturday into an entire day of exhausting both your pets and your children!

We couldn’t leave quite yet without giving a shout out to:

Honorable Mention: Mother Nature’s Window Park. Located across the street just beyond the intersection of 55th Dr. NE and 99th Place NE, this is an old, beloved trail that has recently stopped being maintained. We’d love to see this trail in frequent use again, so chance a visit there and let us know what you think!

Does your pooch have a favorite destination? Share with us below! 





    Hey there! Thanks for the dog park recommendations! Has anyone tried the “new” dog park on Camano Island – Henry Hollow dog Park? We have a 6 month old pup (Golden Retriever) and getting exercise is top on our list.

    • Michele

      Hi Maria,

      We have and some residents have mentioned that every time they go for a social hour, no one is there. I have heard some pet parents will arrange meeting days and times for their pups to play. When visiting the park, please keep in mind the adjacent neighbors by driving slow. It’s exciting to have an off leash area for dogs here. We just need to help spread the word.


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