Looking for a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter in Arlington, Camano Island, Marysville or Stanwood, WA?

Looking for a dog walker or pet sitter in Arlington, Camano Island, Marysville or Stanwood, WA? There are many to choose from. While price should not be your only consideration when looking for dog walking, it is, and probably always will be a part of your consideration.

We’ve sniffed through some of the best reviewed pet sitting and dog walking businesses to find prices in order to help guide you in your search.

Daily Visits: $15-$30 The daily drop-in visit is the most common service offered by most pet sitting and dog walking companies in the Arlington, Camano, Marysville and Stanwood, WA areas. There are a wide range of visit lengths and service types so be sure to look at what’s included in your price quote. Most companies will offer a standard 30-minute visit with options of 45 or 60-minutes, while some may offer a “quick visit” which is typically 15 minutes in length. Some companies initially may seem to have a lower rate, but keep an eye out for multiple pet fees. Quoted prices may include only 1 or 2 pets and then have an additional fee for additional pets.

For pet parents who work long hours and would like their dog to have a walk or a midday break, some companies offer discount monthly programs for 3 or more visits each consecutive week.

At Totally Tails Pet Care Services, our standard 30-minute dog walking rate, for occasional visits, starts at $23 while our pet sitting rate starts at $24. We also offer extended visit options of 45 and 60-minute visits along with an option for seniors who need a quick relief. If you’re traveling on a long trip, pet sitting is a safe, stress-free alternative to boarding for your pet. Pet Sitters provide loving care to your pet, in your home, while you are away. You can choose from drop-in service and, with some companies, overnight care or extended 24-hour stays. Our Overnight and Extended Stay visits range from $70-$180 per night. Our midday visit pairs well with this service for an additional $23 if your pup would enjoy a walk or break during the day. We also offer discounted monthly dog walking programs which start at $20 per visit.

You can find prices for all of Totally Tails Pet Care services here. We know our prices are competitive with any other pet sitter and dog walker in town and our customers know we are an incredible value for the custom care we provide for pets of all shapes and sizes.

With over 14,000 visits under our belt and over 250 of your neighbors: we are your neighborhood pro’s bringing you unmatched peace of mind and loving, reliable care for your pets!

Give us a call at 360-348-6561, we would love to be your pet’s new best friend!



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