The #1 Question You Should Ask Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Two days before Thanksgiving I received a phone call from a woman in the San Francisco area looking for someone who could watch her dad’s dog (in our service area) while he was away in the hospital. It turned out that due to health complications, those few days turned into a couple of weeks. He had prearranged for his regular dog walker to care for his dog but unfortunately, the dog walker wasn’t able to extend the time because he wanted to spend the holidays with his family. This is when the daughter stepped in and began frantically calling everyone with hopes to find a replacement.

These types of calls happen more frequently than one might expect. What most people don’t consider or even ask of their sitter/walker is, ”Who will watch my pet and cover for you if you become sick, are involved in an accident, have a family emergency or want time off? What’s your backup plan?”

Everyone gets sick and accidents happen and this is a question that is often overlooked when hiring a single pet sitter/dog walker company owner, a friend, family member or a neighbor. Does that person know ahead of time what they would do? Even the large, uber-type pet business,, hires “solo” independent contractors and as a company will not provide replacement coverage. The independent contractor can ask whomever they wish to takeover their job, without notice to you. In some cases, solo owner companies may network with other solo owner companies to call on in an emergency. They build relationships with other local pet sitters and cover for each other when necessary and if available. Others may call on their own family members or friends to step in and cover for them in their absence. In any case, whomever is asked to cover will be entering your home and caring for your pet, someone you may not know, be bonded or insured.

In my former career as an airline employee, I often traveled several times a year. Before starting this business I employed a solo pet sitter business owner and when I would call to book my reservations I was told on several occasions, “Sorry, I’m booked.” During my business planning stages, this became an important goal for me – to have availability and not disappoint my customers – this is the reason behind our team approach.

When you become a client of Totally Tails Pet Care Services, know that you are covered in case your sitter/walker is unavailable. We have at the very least, two sitters located in each service area along with a management backup team ready to step in if needed. As employees, our sitters/walkers are handpicked, have a passion for pets, trustworthy, background checked, fully trained by us, follow our guidelines, policies and procedures, are covered under worker’s compensation, our bond and our liability insurance. We work together as a team and are able to step in automatically and cover for each other in the case of an emergency or in the case of someone just needing the day off. So, when you have to be away, you can relax and have peace of mind that we’ve got you covered!

Totally Tails Pet Care Services provides pet sitting, dog walking, cat visits, overnight stays, and more! Servicing Arlington, Camano Island, Marysville and Stanwood WA neighborhoods.



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