How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Suffering From Heat Stroke?

What Is Heat Stroke? What Are The Signs? What Should I Do to Prevent It? Any hot and humid environment can cause heatstroke in pets such as leaving them in a car, excessive exercise, not providing shade for pets kept outdoors, or being enclosed in an unventilated room. Dogs don’t sweat like humans which means [...]

Know The Risks With Using Retractable Leashes

At a new dog walking client registration meeting I will ask to see where they keep their dog leash. It’s staggering to see just how many dog owners use a retractable leash. While I understand the surface appeal, I wonder how many know of the risks in using one. Squirrels will continue to dart across [...]

Helping Your Pet Lose Weight

Now that January is over, you may be thinking about giving up your New Year's resolution to lose those last few unwanted pounds. Don't go giving up just yet! It’s not just you who’s fighting to get fit… there’s a good chance your furry pal may be a bit too fluffy and this could be [...]

Cat Visits: Will You Visit My Cat Every Other Day?

At Totally Tails Pet Care Services we require every day visits for cats. People are often surprised to hear that when they inquire about us doing every other day or every third day visits. Many will agree that cats are independent, they will be fine left alone for a few days, leave out a big [...]

5 Tips on Keeping Your Cat Safe Outdoors

Anyone who owns a cat isn’t under the misconception that we actually own a cat. We have roommates. Adorable, fluffy roommates that we want to keep safe, and that usually means keeping our feline friends inside. Most cats are content to remain inside and observe the outer world through the windows of their warm, comfortable [...]

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