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We use a secured, simple, yet high-tech scheduling system which makes it easy and convenient for you to schedule services, update your pet information, pay online, and more, 24/7!

Your pet portal allows us to keep track of all your pet’s details from his or her routine, to their feeding schedule and food amount, and medication, if any.

Reserving online is easy! Every client will receive an e-mail confirmation of service dates and times eliminating any misunderstandings on schedule times.

If you need assistance with scheduling, please call 360-348-6561. We would love to help!

New Clients:

You can mix and match any of our services to customized a program that fits you and your pets needs. To begin:

Step 1:   Decide on the Number of Visits per day: Once Daily, Twice Daily, Three Times Daily

Step 2:  Then choose the Length of Visit you desire:  30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, Overnight

Step 3:  Choose any of the following Services (One Price for Everything!)

Dog Walks      Potty Breaks     Playtime in Yard     Playtime in Home     Feed     Refresh Water     Give Treats     Give Meds/Supplements     Feed Outdoor Wildlife     Light Brushing     Scoop Litter Boxes     Water Plants (limited)     Bring-In Mail/Paper/Packages     Garbage Waste to Curb     Rotate Lights & Window  Treatments

Step 4: Then, give us a call at 360-348-6561 or click the New Client button below to schedule your complimentary meet and greet.

Schedule A Service

New Clients
Existing Client Login

Existing Clients – Need Help In Booking Online?

Here are easy, step-by-step instructions to request your pet care reservations.

To create a new reservation request:

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Click on the Request Services button

Step 3: Click each Date you desire service on

Step 4: Select the Service Item you need and the Time Block you’d like us to visit. Click the ADD TO REQUEST button.

Note:  Do you need Additional Visits in the same day? After you have selected the first visit of the day, repeat Step 4, EXCEPT indicate the new time block for the additional visit. Then click ADD TO REQUEST. e.g., You would like a morning visit and an evening visit in the same day. Add the first visit and indicate the morning time block. Then go back and add in the second visit, same day, this time select the evening time block.

Step 5: Add any Notes, if applicable

Step 6: Review and Verify your dates and times, scroll to the top of the page and be sure to click on SUBMIT NOW

Once we receive your reservation request, we’ll review your request and send you an email confirmation.

Should you have any further questions, please call us at 360-348-6561. We are always here to assist you in booking your pet care service!

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