Reasons Why Parrots Pluck Their Feathers

From toucans to macaws, and cockatoos to cockatiels, pampering parrots is a lot of work! Owning a parrot could very well become a lifelong commitment for its human. Depending on the type of bird, you could look forward to sixty years with an opinionated toddler. That is the possible lifespan of an umbrella cockatoo. Even [...]

11 Fun-Filled, Fall Pet Activities In Island and Snohomish Counties

With summer coming to an end, fall is a great time to enjoy in some of our local activities with your pet around Island & Snohomish Counties or to help support our local pet charities. Here are a few of our favorites: #1 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23,  - At the Stanwood Library, Stanwood, WA, 1PM, TALES [...]

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