Why Your Arlington, Camano Island, Marysville & Stanwood Pet Sitter Requires 2 Sets of Keys

Before signing on a new client we often are asked why do you need two sets of working house keys? It allows us to be prepared for the unexpected, with the best interest of your pet as our top concern. The first copy of your key is given to your sitter and the second key [...]

6 Pet Care Issues Working Pet Parents Face

Solutions to the six most common pet care issues working pet parents face Pet ownership can be one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever love! Ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you all about the challenges they face with owning a pet. For most pet owners, the safety and welfare of your pet is [...]

Cat Visits: What Happens During A Cat Sitting Visit?

You’re sitting at the airport waiting to board your flight, looking forward to a much needed vacation in paradise. You find yourself mentally running through your checklist, double checking that you haven't forgotten anything. You've scheduled your pet sitter to stop by to care for kitty and you suddenly catch yourself whispering under your breath, [...]

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Cat Visits: Will You Visit My Cat Every Other Day?

At Totally Tails Pet Care Services we require every day visits for cats. People are often surprised to hear that when they inquire about us doing every other day or every third day visits. Many will agree that cats are independent, they will be fine left alone for a few days, leave out a big [...]

Pet Sitting: Drop-In Visits vs. Overnight Visits

Your vacation plans are made and you are looking forward to the family reunion or spending time relaxing in paradise. But wait! What about your furred and feathered family members? What are you planning to do with your loving pets while you’re away? Well, here at Totally Tails Pet Care Services we offer in-your-home pet [...]

5 Tips on Keeping Your Cat Safe Outdoors

Anyone who owns a cat isn’t under the misconception that we actually own a cat. We have roommates. Adorable, fluffy roommates that we want to keep safe, and that usually means keeping our feline friends inside. Most cats are content to remain inside and observe the outer world through the windows of their warm, comfortable [...]

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