5 Ways to Keep your Cat Out of Your Christmas Tree

Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe This Year

keep cat out of christmas tree
Are you trying to keep your cat out of your Christmas tree this year? Truth be told, you’re not alone. Most cats are attracted to Christmas trees, or any tree for that matter! In fact, putting up a Christmas tree is like gathering your cat’s favorite things in one easy accessible spot. Think about it. Foliage, crinkly ornaments, glittering lights, shiny bulbs and balls….you get the idea? Keeping your cat out of the Christmas tree this year may seem like a daunting task; that’s understandable. However, we have some tips and tricks that can help you “cat proof” your tree this year all while keeping him safe and sound.

1) Water

Cats don’t generally like water, unless they are drinking it. Keep a few spray bottle filled with around your house. Anytime your cat starts playing with the tree, give him a little spray. Now, don’t soak the little fur ball. That would just be mean. One light spray will do the trick and send him trotting away. It may take a few times (or more) for your cat to get the idea, but it works.

2) Scent

There are some scents that cats just can’t stand. Citrus is one of those scents. In another spray bottle, you can mix citrus or citronella scent. Lightly spray your tree, paying close attention to the lower limbs. The scent will likely keep your cat away all the while making your home smell fresh and clean. Similarly, you can enjoy a few oranges and then leave the peels around the base of your tree. This has been a game changer in many households with cats.

3) Tin Foil

If there’s one thing your cat won’t like digging his nails in, it’s tin foil. The feeling to him is probably similar to a human scratching their nails on a chalk board. Try wrapping the trunk of the tree, thereby making climbing your tree trunk not so enticing. Be careful though, cats do like to play with rolled up tin foil, so layers of tin foil under your tree skirt won’t do the trick.

4) Noise

Cats aren’t fond of loud noises. Try putting some pebbles in a soda can and shake the can every time the cat tries to get in the tree or bats at your ornaments. For times when you’re not home or sleeping at night, try using Ssscat Spray. It’s a motion activated compressed air spray that will sound like a “hiss” when your cat approaches any area you don’t want him in.

5) Distractions

Think like your cat. Sounds strange, I know, but think about what he may like better than your tree. Put distractions that he’s allowed to play with near the tree on his level. It can be a box, a cat tree, tunnel, laser light or any other thing you think will grab his attention as he makes his way towards the tree.

Your cat may still attempt to climb your tree no matter what deterrents you put in place. You must make your tree as safe as possible. Try securing your tree so it won’t tip over. Also, think about what you are putting on the tree. Is there anything he can ingest or break and be harmed by? If so, leave it off your tree. Tinsel, live trees, and glass ornaments can cause serious injury and even death to your beloved cat and I’m sure that’s not a Christmas memory you’re hoping to take away from this year’s holiday season.

Share with us below your ideas on how you keep your cat out of your Christmas tree.

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