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Cat owners know that their pets are largely self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the best of care while you’re away. Make sure your furry companion gets the care they need while you’re away with Totally Tails Pet Care Services. Our services are available 365 days a year.

Our team has been providing cat sitting services throughout the area since 2013 and is happy to provide for the basic care needs of your cat. We do our best to ensure your cat’s daily routine stays the same and that they are comfortable and happy while you’re away. Call us today at 360-348-6561.

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Cat Visits

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per Visit

We understand that not all kitties are created equal, and we know most are creatures of habit. Just like children, we treat them as such. From playing with string toys, letting them drink out of the sink, and giving them love in our lap, we’ll care for your feline friend as if they are our own. Have peace of mind in knowing that your whiskered kids are being well cared. Let us come and play, brush, love, feed, and scoop their litter while you are away.

  • $28 – 30 min visit
  • $34 – 45 min visit
  • $40 – 60 min visit

For overnight stays, click here.

The 11-Hour Overnight

per Night

One of our kitty care specialists will stay in your home overnight, arriving by 7pm and staying until 6am. We will keep your cat on his or Her’s normal routine and we’ll even sleep with your kitty if allowed! And we will send you pictures and updates at least once per day. Our luxury overnight service is one of our most popular services, so please plan well in advance.

*Overnight services are limited and based on availability. All overnight cat sitting reservations require a deposit of 50% at the time of booking. We ask the client to leave instructions on how to use the TV remote and a WI-FI code. Please, non-smoking homes only.

Extra Litter Service

This service is for Litterbox cleaning beyond the general scooping included with the visit, up to 3 boxes. Regular service includes sifting litter boxes or emptying automatic scooper type boxes.

An additional charge will be added @ $10 per 2 boxes. Also, if you would like the litterbox(s) deep cleaned we can add an extra Litter service per 2 boxes!

**Deep cleaning includes removal of old litter, rinsing of the pan, and adding new liner, if applicable, & litter.

Concierge Services!
Are we already at your home cat sitting?! Why not add a little extra time back into your life by adding a concierge service like Vacuuming, plant or garden watering, package or service (like cable guy) waiting, & much more!!
Check out the Concierge tab for all of our options~

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