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“Thanks so much for taking such good care of Siskel and Smokey. We feel very blessed to have a local service that offers the quality of care that you do for our two boys as well as seeing to the needs of our home (mail, garbage, etc.). We hope you have a wonderful new year!

- Sue & Jerry B.

“I’ve used Totally Tails many times, and I have received perfect care for my two cats. I still miss them when I’m gone, but I have no qualms about leaving them in the care of Totally Tails. Getting the emails with pictures is so awesome, their regular communication with me while I’m gone puts me at ease about leaving them.”

- Deborah M.

“Service is great as always! The personal email that tells me the visit was completed, everything is okay, and the pictures are wonderful!”

- Patty K.

“I always have peace of mind and feel confident that my dogs are well cared for and loved by the pet sitters at Totally Tails! The sitters know each of my dog’s personalities and cater to their individual needs. I work 3 days a week and my two dogs are on a regular schedule with Totally Tails. Totally Tails has never let me down and I cannot say thank you enough. Thank you Michele and Pat and all the pet sitters. Millie and Gus Love You!”

- Maureen

“Great service, very reliable! Love the email updates with pictures each day, they are very reassuring to know that my cats have been cared for as requested. The ‘extras’ such as watering plants, checking mail, turning on/off lights, etc., are a great bonus.”

- Veronica L.

“If you need help with your pets then hire Totally Tails, they will make your life easier. Schedule and pay in advance, on-line. They come and spend time with your pets, walk, feed, comfort them. They turn on your lights when it gets dark and bring in your mail. Water bowls get refreshed, dog bowls get washed after feeding, a real stress reliever when pets have to be left at home. Good to know my dogs get a chance to go potty, get a walk, fed on time, and their water refreshed. Amazingly good service. Even better, you will receive an email with notes on your service to your pets along with a photo. We love and appreciate Totally Tails!”

- Lizabeth W.

“They met our times, good care, pets are calm when we get home, look rested, love the pics!”

- Sandy W.

“I was hesitant to have strangers watch my two German Shepherds as they have strong guarding tendencies, but once they got to know their sitters from Totally Tails, they ended up enjoying the visits they get from their new friends when I leave for a long day or several days. The sitters send reports after each visit with pictures of my pets and what they did during the visit. It’s very comforting to know that my dogs are getting their bathroom breaks and play time. Having my animals stay at home, rather than going to a boarding facility, is much less stressful for them (and me) and costs less than boarding our two dogs and one cat. It has really freed up my life and is allowing me to take longer days away from home without worrying about getting back home to let the dogs out. When I do return, the pups are relaxed and not stressed at all. For the first time in years, I can plan a long day out and not worry about returning home within a few hours. Thanks Totally Tails!”

- Bryce L.

“Everything was great with our service and our sitter was very caring. Very happy with the professionalism of service.”

- Dottie

“Totally Tails Pet Care gave such great service from the initial phone call to my arriving home after a vacation and a happy dog. My dog was always so happy, you could see his tail wagging in the photos. The sitters were amazing, loved my daily update with photos. The daily updates gave me peace-of-mind that my dog was happy and all was well with the house. I will be planning another vacation soon as I know all will be taken care of when Totally Tails Pet Care is looking after my dog and house in my absence. I will be singing praises to all I meet. Thank you for your wonderful service and love of animals.”

- Barbara G.

“We loved the daily e-mails and they took awesome care of our cat!”

- Debbie N.

“My sitter was great, my boys loved her and she took excellent care of them. Outstanding sitter! I was happy with the entire experience from the quick reply to my initial request for information, the in-home pre-visit to when I returned home to happy boys. I will definitely use your service again. Thank you”

- Greg C.

“Receiving photos and descriptions of the cats’ activities for the day via e-mail gave us real peace-of-mind during our 10-day vacation over 5000 miles away. It was clear our sitter was relating to each cat’s needs and personality. We returned to 3 contented kitties in a tidy home and a detailed note regarding some feeding issues with our old lady that was very helpful information to take to our vet. Having a sitter stay overnight was the perfect plan for our needy cats and we won’t hesitate to call on Totally Tails again when we travel.”

- Shawn O.

“The sitters were great with the pooches while I was away and my husband was at work. They did a great job in caring for our pets and they went above and beyond what we had expected. We are very thankful for you setting our minds at ease while I was away. My husband was able to go to work and not worry about the dogs being left for long periods of time. Thank you so much! I think they kind of miss you guys!”

- Lizabeth P.

“We absolutely love Totally Tails Pet Care. We put our full trust in the care of the amazing staff who have shown great care to our pets who are our spoiled fur babies. They go above and beyond in the details and in the care they put into what they do. We are so thankful to have this service to come to us so our pets can be comfortable in their home when we are away. We love Totally Tails Pet Care!!!”

- Michael and Michele

“Our service was fantastic and I love your sitters!”

- Lyndsey S.

“We just love Totally Tails Pet Care! Our pets are so content when we return, they don’t put us in “time out” any more! The scheduling process is easy and communication and feedback is frequent and we trust them knowing everything is being taken care of. They take time to give full attention to our pets, check our mail, and do a few extras now and then that gives their service that special touch. Scheduling is a breeze and communication and feedback are frequent and thorough and always prompt!”

- Tina

“You are such special caregivers and bring much love & joy to our lives. Thank you so much for all you do.”

- Kay

“We appreciated the text communications. We particularly appreciated the daily report when we got home. We liked the house sitting aspect of your service. Will use your service again!!!”

- Graham & Shirley

“Michele was very thorough in her summary of our pets’ activities. She is obviously a very caring and awesome pet sitter!”

- Mike & Alis

“My cats love Michele from the first time they met her. My cats are happy & healthy when I return. Never worried about them because I know they are in great hands.”

- Alyeen B.

“Michele was a lifesaver to me the week my husband was out of town! She walked the dogs during the day while I was at work and later in the week she watched our cats while I was away. My pets can be wary of new people but they took to Michele immediately. It gave me peace of mind to feel my pets were well cared for in my absence. I came home to happy pets each day. She even brushed the kitty’s. I think they were disappointed when we came home ???? We will definitely use your services again.”

- Kate

“We will always use Totally Tails Pet Care, they are so friendly and helpful. I felt comfortable leaving our dogs in their hands.”

- Ana

“Our sitter Shanlora, provided us with very professional care and everyone at Totally Tails Pet Care are always professional.”

- Keith B.

“Finally we can go out of town and have peace of mind that our dogs are being well taken care of. It was quite obvious the first time we met Michele how much she loves and cares about our pets.”

- Chris & Moe

“We are so glad to find a service that lets us leave our pets without guilt!”

- Patrice W.

“I was out of town for a week and felt very confident that both of my dogs were in good hands. I appreciate the time spent with my dogs during the morning and evening visits and it’s nice to know they received some playtime. I received a mid week status that everything was going well and my mind was at ease for the entire week. I will not hesitate to use Totally Tails Pet Care in the future.”

- Jeff E.

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