Policies and Procedures

All rates and fees can be accessed through our website*. RESERVATIONS
Your reservation is only confirmed when you have received a final invoice/confirmation via e-mail. To make a reservation you may use our on-line scheduling system, send us an email or call the office at 360-348-6561. Phone or text messages are not considered confirmations. Reservation requests received after office hours on Friday will be processed the following business day. LAST MINUTE SERVICE
Sometimes emergencies happen – our goal is to help you when you need it most, even at the last minute. However, do not assume that we have received your last minute request until you have received an invoice/confirmation via e-mail. A $10 fee will be applied to all reservations made with less than 24 hours notice. Reservation requests that are submitted after office hours and/or on Friday and throughout the weekend for Monday service will also incur a Late Booking Fee. PAYMENTS
We require a Credit Card or Debit Card to be kept on file in our secure Client Portal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

All service charges are invoiced at the time your reservation is confirmed. Client may pay for services at any time but no later than the following and payment will be processed automatically as follows:

Vacation Visits, Occasional Dog Walking, Concierge Clients: payment is due no later than 4 days prior to the first day of service and will be charged automatically if not paid in full by client.

Dog Walking Monthly Programs: payment will be processed on the first day of each month unless otherwise prearranged.

There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned transactions. Late payments will incur a 10% monthly penalty.

We do not provide refunds, but will use the remaining amount as a credit balance on your account for future pet care needs. TIPPING
If Client would like to leave a gratuity for Sitter, we recommend leaving cash in a marked envelope on the kitchen counter the first day of service. You may add a tip to your invoice when paying electronically as well. CANCELLATIONS/EARLY RETURNS
We understand that life happens and sometimes you need to cancel service. Of course, nobody likes to pay for a service they did not receive. We adhere to a strict policy of NO OVERBOOKING, therefore, once you have contracted services we will turn away business to accommodate your schedule. In order to provide the absolute best care to our clients, keep our team members happy & productive, and ensure our office is operating as efficiently as possible, we have implemented a Cancellation Policy on all our services as follows: DOG WALKING SERVICES: It is courteous to give your walker as much notice as possible when canceling. Please notify the office prior to 8am on the day of your scheduled visit or series of visits, and you’re in the clear. Any notification received after 8am will be charged their regular visit fee.
VACATION VISITS: $25 fee if cancelled within 48 hours of start date. (Exception: Holidays, See below)
EARLY RETURNS: Once service begins, an early return does not constitute a refund or credit for services not used as sitters cannot be booked for other client services.
OVERNIGHTS: 7 days notice of cancellation (50% of total with less than 7 days notice & 100% of total with less than 48 hours notice).
HOLIDAYS FOR PET/HOME SITTING: Cancellations received within seven (7) days of your start date will have a cancellation fee of 50% of your invoice and 100% of total with less than 48 hours.
DOG TRAINING: If cancelled within 24 hours of service, a 100% fee will apply.
OTHER SERVICES: If cancelled within 24 hours of service, a 50% fee applies.
If your sitter arrives at your home, only to find out we are not needed, your account will be charged the full visit fee. HOLIDAY SURCHARGES
A holiday surcharge will be applied as follows: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day – $7
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (4pm on), Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve (4pm on), New Year’s Day – $7
Overnights – $10 BUSINESS HOURS
Service hours are 24/7. Our office business hours are Monday- Friday from 9am to 5pm. The office is closed on weekends and holidays. When the office is closed, calls are monitored for pets in our immediate care and for emergencies. All other calls will be returned during our regular business hours. SERVICE HOURS
Morning and Evening visits occur between the hours of 7:00am and 9:30am. Mid-Day Walks occur between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Evening Visits are between 5 and 8pm. Cats are always visited a minimum of once a day and dogs are visited a minimum of twice a day (12 hours apart). If you would like to reserve a specific time, please leave a note on your request. CONSULTATION
The goal of this meeting is to make sure both parties are a good fit and for the client to explain all the home and pet routines. During this time, we will take a mini tour of your home to see where your pet eats, sleeps and plays. Your sitter will also review the client profile, discuss your pet & home care needs, and review the Service Agreement and Cancellation Policy. It is important that the client completely fills out their Preregistration Form prior to the meeting. Consultations are complimentary only if services are contracted. Should services not be contracted, there is a $25 charge payable at the time of your consultation.

The first meeting typically lasts 20-30 minutes and is complimentary. If a second consultation is requested for any reason after the initial or you wish to meet with additional team member, we would be happy to stop by however there will be a fee of $20 per visit.

Two (2) working copies of your house keys, for keyed entries, and 1 key for keyless entry must be provided. One key is given to your sitter and the other key will be retained in case of an emergency at our office in a locked box.

Totally Tails recommends you allow us to retain your keys for future service. If not, you may purchase a Lock Box from us for the wholesale price of $20 or you can schedule our key pick-up or drop-off service at $10 each way. If you are moving, we will schedule 1 exchange to give back old keys and get new keys at no charge.

Depending on our schedule and availability, we may be able to assist you for an extra fee per visit. SECURED AREAS
It is the pet-owner’s sole responsibility to pet-proof any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to keep the pet inside or away from any “forbidden” areas. The pet sitter does not assume and has no liability for any injuries the pet may sustain while in its own home. SAFE ACCESS
It is the pet owner’s responsibility to provide safe access to their home and within their home. FRIENDS, FAMILY, CONTRACTORS, JOB SHARING ACCESS
We understand that your friends and family may want to help out and check in on your pets while you are away, however, our policy is not to provide “shared” pet care with friends, family, contractor’s performing work, etc. It is of course nothing to do with them, it has to do with our insurance policy. It’s in place should anything happen with your house, or worse, something with your pet/s while they are in your home. Totally Tails Pet Care Services could be held liable, even though we were not responsible. We will discourage servicing pets while another has access to your home unless prior arrangements have been made in advance. If we arrive at your home and an unexpected person is there or has been there and we were not notified, we will leave the premises and report our findings to the local authorities for the safety of your home, pet and team. Additionally, Totally Tails Pet Care Services is not responsible for any damages incurred to or in your home or to your pet during a scheduled service period that anyone other than Totally Tails Per Care Services has access to your home. Failure to comply will result in a breach of Contract. WEATHER
If severe weather occurs, your sitter will try to carry out your instructions to the best of their ability. Please understand that we will provide service, but not until conditions allow us to reach your home safely. We suggest leaving a hidden key or a key with a neighbor along with their contact information in the case we are unable to gain access due to inaccessible roads and/or entry. CLIMATE CLAUSE
Totally Tails Pet Care Services reserves the right to adjust the thermostat, close/open windows (as long as it remains safe and secure), turn air conditioners & heaters on/off in ALL of our client’s home if our sitters feel the climate is posing a health risk to your pet/s in our care. Our staff will notify you if you in your visit report. PET ACCIDENT CLEAN-UP/ISSUES
When booking two pet sitting visits or less per day with frequent and/or severe accidents occurring, additional rates may apply for cleanup. We may also require you to up your visits for the remainder of your booking. In the case a visit may need to be extended, you will be billed for the additional amount of time. CONFIDENTIALITY
We recognize that your privacy is important to you and your family. We will not, at any time, either directly or indirectly, use any information for our own benefit, disclose, or communicate, in any manner, any information to any third party.

* Rates are subject to change without notice.

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