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Year-Round Dog Walking Services

Does your dog enjoy a great walk? When you want your best friend to have a great walk while you’re away, trust the team of walkers at Totally Tails Pet Care Services. We’ve been providing dog walking services in the area since 2013!

Your dog will receive its own personalized walk, complete with necessary potty breaks. We can also provide your pup with backyard playtime and have their water refreshed as needed. Our services are available 365 days a year, you can reach us by sending a contact us form. We are a local, family-owned business. 

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per Walk

5 Walks/Week

At Totally Tails Pet Care, we recognize that exercise is fundamental to your dog’s well being. At least one walk a day can help to extend your dog’s life. Our professionally trained team will ensure your dog receives its own personalized walk or potty break and backyard playtime, water is refreshed, an owner approved treat is given, and lots of love and belly rubs. So whether you work long hours, have a long commute, are unable to walk your pup because of an injury or health issues, you’ll come home to a happier, calmer, more responsive dog which means you will have time to relax too.

Rate is based on 1-3 dogs, $2 per additional dog

  • $25 | per 30 minute walk with a recurring, set schedule of 4 walks/week
  • $26 | per 30 minute walk with a recurring, set schedule of 3 walks/week
  • $28 | 30 minute walk, on an “occasional” basis.

**We also offer 45 and 60-minute walks, please contact us for rates

Lunchtime Let Out
per Trip

5 Potty Breaks/Week

Are you rushing home at lunchtime to let the dog out? Take back your lunchtime hour and relax while our pet care professionals give you peace of mind that your pup is happy, healthy and relieved!

Rate is based on 1-2 dogs, $2 per additional dog

  • $25 | per 30 minute potty break with a recurring, set schedule of 4 potty/week
  • $26 | per 30 minute potty break with a recurring, set schedule of 3 potty/week
  • $28 | 30 minute potty break, on an “occasional” basis.

We also offer 45 and 60-minute potty breaks, please contact us for rates

Nature Walks
per Trip

We don’t just take your dog for a walk – we take them on an adventure! We’ll take your dog on a trail, beach, or park outing for a minimum of one hour so they can run, play, sniff, and explore our beautiful shorelines, forest or parks. We decide which trail or beach to visit depending on weather, fitness level and road conditions. All dogs are required to be up-to-date on shots. We will pick up and return your dog to your home, rinsing and/or towel drying your dog off as needed before we leave your relaxed and happy dog to await your arrival home. Requirements: Dogs must be leash-trained. Additional information on vaccination requirements are listed on our Terms page.

Concierge Services!
Are we already at your home walking your dog?! Why not add a little extra time back into your life by adding a concierge service like Vacuuming, plant or garden watering, package or service (like cable guy) waiting, & much more!!
Check out the Concierge tab for all of our options~

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