Does My Cat Need a Pet Sitter?

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This is a common question we hear frequently from cat parents. Yes, cats do need a pet sitter just like their canine counterparts. In fact, a cat might need a pet sitter even more than a dog does when it comes right down to it. Why? Cats love the status quo. Their days are set by routine. Also, they are animals that rely heavily on familiar surroundings and people. When their people are not around,surroundings are it for them. Take both away and it’s really quite stressful for them.

No stranger to stress related health problems, cats need their in home stability. One way you can help with that is enlisting the help of a pet sitter. Besides routine, what else does a cat need from a sitter? Keep reading to find out.


Just like the family dog, your cat needs exercise. Exercise will keep him healthy. Lack of exercise causes lifelong health issues and obesity. We tend to think that cats are lazy oafs, but they still need exercise. Cats aren’t lazy, their sleep patterns can be traced back to their days in the wild when sleeping long hours helped conserve energy. Energy conservation was needed because cats had to catch their own prey. Nowadays, house cats are dependent upon their human to provide their meals, but guess what? They still have the prey instinct. If it’s not fulfilled then frustration and problem behaviors can exist. A cat sitter can help keep your cat physically stimulated, which fulfills a very important instinct.

Mental Enrichment

Cats need mental enrichment just like dogs, people and well, any animal! A cat that is left alone for long hours or days at a time can become stir crazy, so to speak, depressed and lonely. A lack of enrichment will be cause for some not so welcome behaviors in your cat. Aggression, self-mutilation, changes in eating patterns, and excessive grooming are just some of the behaviors you may notice in a cat that has not had enough mental stimulation. A cat sitter can step in and engage your cat with games and toys as well as be there to snuggle and talk to your cat. Cats really are social creatures.


Cats are not as self-sufficient as people think. They need to be looked after just like dogs and they have needs, too. “Curiosity killed the cat” is an expression we often use in reference to people, but cats can really get themselves in a pickle if they’re not looked after on a daily basis. They are curious, inquisitive creatures that may or may not be known for get caught up in things, both figuratively and literally. We are often asked why we will not provide every other day or every third day visits. Let me answer that question by providing an example. We are currently caring for a cat, who upon arrival, was caught in the mini blinds with the cord wrapped around his leg. He is doing fine but I hate to image the outcome had we not been there. This is the reason why I stand firm on not taking on new clients who insist on every other day visits. Having a Cat Sitter visit once or twice each day is preferred and will help to make sure your kitty is safe and sound and keep their curiosity at bay.

The biggest gift you can give yourself and your cat while you’re away is peace of mind. You can’t put a price tag on that, can you?

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