How to Enrich Your Cat’s Life Using Tech Toys



Apps aren’t just for people. There are quite a few apps on the market made specifically to entertain and engage your kitty. One very popular option is Paint for Cats. This app allows your cat to get in touch with his creative side, literally. He paws the screen of a table or phone and voila! He’s an artist! Friskies Jitterbug is another option that will keep kitty meowing for more. In this app, bugs show up on the screen of the phone or ipad and the goal is for your cat to swat the heck out of the bugs. He’ll have 15 seconds to get as many as possible. The game can be set up with a time limit or you can just let your feline friend swat away to his heart’s content.

Television and DVD’s

Believe it or not, television and DVD’s for cats exist and they are all the rage. This form of entertainment is great if you are home or away for the cat. One great option is right on amazon! Movies for cats provides hours of entertainment for your kitty. You’ll be amazed at how intrigued Fluffy will be by the sights and sounds. Another option is right on Netflix. Birds is a drama that follows the migration south of a group of birds. This is so popular that more episodes may be added in the near future. Your cat can watch birds, fish and other animals grace the screen. No matter which viewing version you choose, the sky is the limit.

Food Puzzles

Is your cat always on the hunt for a bite to eat? If so, food puzzles might just be the way to catch his attention for a spell. Food puzzles reward your cat with a treat, but also provide active engagement, literally. One popular option is the Pet Safe Fun Kitty Egg Cersizer. There’s an adjustable opening on this egg that provides your cat the task of getting his paws on the treat inside. The difficulty settings can be adjusted by you, based on your cat’s needs. Making it too hard will cause frustration, but making it too easy may leave you with a chubby cat on your hands. Wink – Wink.

Now more than ever, it’s easier to entertain and interact with your cat while you are home or on the go. Physical and mental enrichment with these cool newer techie tools will change everything for your kitty, especially if he lacks a little excitement in his life. Well, what are you waiting for?

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