Does your Dog need a winter coat?

Coat or no coat, that is the question…


Brr! It’s cold outside! Winter is settling in, Christmas is around the corner, and you have practical presents to think about, quickly! Don’t forget to add your furred loved ones to your list. Your dog would probably prefer a platterful of steaks but, as the human of the house, it’s up to you to opt for a present that’s beneficial to your pup’s well-being. Have you thought about a winter coat to keep the cold at bay?

Fashion for dogs may not be on most non-chihuahua owners’ minds. But everyone needs a coat. Before you embark of the wide world of canine couture, Totally Tails Pet Care Services has compiled a list of questions to ask:

· Is your dog’s natural coat more suited to summer weather?

· Is she sporting a bold bald look?

· How well does your dog tolerate the cold and wet? In other words, is this necessary?

· How active is your dog? Do you go on regular hikes together? Or is her activity limited to quick potty breaks in the side yard?

· Will your dog even put up with wearing a coat?

It’d be disappointing to open your dog’s present only for her to be more interested in the wrapping paper. Or to end up never using the coat on her. If your answers to the above indicate that a fashionable and functional canine coat might be in your future, you’re onto the next step! What kind of coat do you need? Totally Tails has created a short, categorized list to help you in your search quest:

1. Don’t forget the barrel chested.

Size is everything! Length is important – you want to know if the coat will reach your dog’s bottom – and so is diameter. Dog coats usually come in two forms: slip-on and Velcro-on. Slip-ons go over your dog’s head (you’ll know if that’s a problem) and have two sleeves for the front paws. They might also include a hood! (Again, check if your dog likes having her head covered.) Velcro coats have two flaps: one for the neck and one for the belly. Hoods happen here, as well.

Before buying anything ready-made online, take your dog’s measurements. Some vendors have custom-made options and will also ask for measurements.

2. Does it come with a toy surprise?

Consider all the features that a dog coat can offer. Is it waterproof? Is the hood detachable? Does it have a hook to attach a leash, or a small opening at the base of the neck to access the collar? Is the coat reversable? Keep in mind a list of things you’d like. It’ll help you stay the course while shopping.

3. Consider the source

Dog clothes can be found at pet stores, farmer’s markets, and online. You can test out the quality of the maker’s products in person, but if you’re more inclined to buy online you should choose carefully. Whether you’re buying from Amazon or Etsy, get to know the vendors as well as the product. Do they have a lot of positive reviews? How much experience do they have? Ultimately, you want your dog to look her best in the best coat possible.

Happy shopping! Be sure to send us a runway picture of your dog’s new technicolor dreamcoat!

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