Entertainment for your Indoor Cat! Entertainment for your Indoor Cat!


You want to give your cat his best life. Keeping him inside helps keep him safe from the dangers of the outside world, including disease and predators. Safety isn’t the only requirement for a full life, however.

Pampered in the lap of luxury, indoor cats run the risk of growing too plump and bored. Lack of mental and physical exertion is a common problem for cats permanently ensconced within the castle walls.

However, you have limited time to entertain the whims of your cat! Don’t worry. Below we’ve provided a short and easy list of games, tips, and tricks to tamp down your cat’s paunch and keep him mentally sharp.

1. The Magic of the Wand Toy

Wand toys can be bought or DIY crafted. It’s simply a stick with a string attached and a bauble at the end – or just the string! The great thing about cats is that anything can become a toy.

But they might become bored with a toy that appears “dead” or unmoving. A wand toy can be waved from the couch — and it remains alive even when it’s tackled to the ground! Entertain yourself as well by casting magic for your cat while you watch TV.

2. The Laser Pointer

Don’t lose this one! The “red bug of light” has further reach than a wand toy or a toy that needs to be retrieved after it’s thrown. If your cat gets quickly bored with toys once they’re caught, then a laser pointer will peak their interest for longer. Just remember not to shine it in their eyes or on any expensive possessions!

3. Treat Treasure Hunt

If your cat’s one motivation is food, then food games are a way to introduce him to more gameplay. Instead of handing your prince his treats, try flinging them down the hall. You might get an indignant look at first, but most cats will quickly hustle after their prize. If you’re reluctant to add more treats to your cat’s diet, then switch out a treat with pieces of kibble.

4. Moving Toys and Empty Boxes

Eventually your arm will get tired, so it’s a good idea to have some interesting toys around that cats can engage with on their own. A plastic ball with a bell inside will roll further when batted. There are also plenty of battery operated mice to purchase! Like roombas, they can manuever around obstacles and thus keep your cat engaged. Any cat owner knows that empty Amazon boxes work wonders, too. You don’t have to break the bank for your cat’s entertainment!

5. Mystery and Consistency

It’s a good idea to store your cat’s toys in a hidden spot or out of the way basket. He might become uninterested in a mouse on the carpet that hasn’t moved in twelve hours.

Remember any game is more engaging with the human involved! Don’t rely on your cat to play on his own all the time. Just fifteen minutes out of your day to bond with your cat through playtime can mean the world to him.

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