Is It Safe For My Puppy To Attend Doggy Daycare?

safe for puppy to attend doggy daycare

In the last few decades doggy daycare facilities have been popping up all over. A place where you can drop your dog off for playtime, socialization with other dogs and sometimes even grooming services. It’s a very popular service with pet parents that work a lot and spend a lot of time during the day away from home. Instead of hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, they opt to take their pet to the daycare for a day full of fun. But is it a safe place for your puppy to attend? We’ve broken down the pros and cons of doggy day to help you determine if it is the best place for your puppy.

A puppy should be at least 12 weeks of age and have all of their first round of “adult” shots before going to a kennel or daycare. You should wait about two weeks after the date of their initial vaccinations before signing them up.

What’s good about putting your puppy in doggy daycare?

  • Socializing your puppy early is a great way to have a friendly, well adjusted adult dog.
  • It is safer than leaving them at home alone all day.
  • The exercise they get while they are there helps to fight obesity.
  • What’s worrisome about doggy daycare?
  • Your puppy can sometimes pick up bad behaviors from other dogs.
  • They may pick up a virus or illness
  • It’s hard to tell if your puppy really likes it or not
  • It may be too much excitement for your puppy

What should I look for in a doggy daycare for my puppy?

As much as we want to believe that all pet facilities are there purely for their love of animals, that is not always true. Sadly some places over crowd their facility, over charge for services and take little care of your pet while they are there. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for:

  • Clean and well lit facility, preferably with doggy cams in each room
  • The ability to take a tour before signing up
  • They should be insured and bonded
  • A high staff to animal ratio
  • Large play areas and fenced in outdoor areas
  • Separate areas for puppies, small dogs and large dogs
  • Watch staff interactions with the dogs already there

You will also want to take into consideration the facility, plus your puppy’s age and your puppy’s personality before you can determine if a doggy day care is the right choice for you.

Fortunately, doggy daycare is not your only option to you being gone all day. Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker to come to your home is another great option too. You’ll get the same peace of mind while your puppy still enjoys socializing and exercising only from the comfort of their own home. Picking up a cold or virus from other dogs or learning bad behaviors will be less likely to occur too. So make sure to consider dog walking for your puppy too! If you want to learn more about our services make sure to give us a call at 360-348-6561.

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