New Puppy? Hiring a Dog Walker Can Help

Benefit From Hiring A Dog Walker

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Learn 5 Ways Your Puppy Can Benefit From Hiring A Dog Walker  

Have you ever wondered how a new puppy might benefit from a dog walker? Well, this time of year, many families will welcome a new puppy into their home and then head back to work and school.  Puppies need many things to help them to develop into confident, obedient and healthy young dogs. Those early months can help set your puppy up for success. Your puppy can benefit from a dog walker in many ways!

1. Pet Sitters Provide Opportunities for Socialization

Puppies need socialization to grow confident in themselves and feel comfortable in the world around them.  Being exposed to other people, animals and just the everyday sights and sounds of life can set the stage for a fear less grown dog.  Dogs that don’t experience the world beyond their back yard will often deal with lifelong anxiety.

2. Pet Sitters Provide Opportunities for Exercise

Puppies need exercise.  They are literally fur balls of energy.  They need exercise and stimulation. Exercise not only will help your puppy develop strong bones and muscles, but will help to reduce problem behaviors.  A well exercised puppy will not have much need to create mischief and wreak havoc around the home while you are gone. On the contrary, an exercised puppy will more likely rest and sleep while he is left alone if he is good and tired.

3. Pet Sitters Provide Potty Breaks

Puppies need potty breaks!  A dog walker can provide potty breaks for your puppy, which will not only eliminate accidents, but train your puppy when and where he should be going to the bathroom.  A puppy needs to be let out every two hours during the potty training period and that’s hard to do if you work all day. You can’t exactly expect the little fur ball to potty train himself.  Even if you crate train your puppy, he needs to be let out regularly. While a dog does not want to go to the bathroom in his crate, it’s inevitable with puppies in the training stage. A dog walker can help with that.

4. Dog Walkers Can Help With Training

Puppies are very impressionable. In fact, they are little sponges soaking up everything around them. While old dogs can learn new tricks, it’s always easier to teach a puppy simple commands, how to walk on a leash, how to properly interact with humans, and much more. A dog walker can give your puppy the input he needs during the day.  Let’s face it, a puppy will learn with or without input and some of those things are hard to unlearn. Click here to learn more about our dog training services.

5. Pet Sitters Provide LOVE

Most importantly, puppies need love and lots of it.  It’s SO hard to leave a new puppy at home when you have to head to work.  It’s literally heart breaking. While you are at work a dog walker can hug, kiss and play with that sweet little baby of yours!  This not only makes your puppy happier, less anxious, it also gets him used to human touch. The more your puppy experiences touch, the more successful he will be later in life when he needs to be handled at the groomer, the vet and more!

Dog walkers provide so many benefits to puppies! We only talked about a few, but there are so many benefits to having a dog walker come in at least once a day to check on your puppy. Your puppy will be loved, socialized, exercised AND most importantly you will be provided with peace of mind! You can’t put a price tag on that now, can you?

Whether you are working long days or are away for the day, at Totally Tails Pet Care Services our trained pet sitters and dog walkers can care for your puppy’s needs from bathroom breaks, walks, feedings, playtime cravings to cuddles. To learn more about our dog walking and midday break services, contact us at 360-348-6561.

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